Membership of the QOLIBRI Society

Please complete this form (PDF format) to apply for Membership of the QOLIBRI Society. Please email the completed membership form to Prof Monika Bullinger (bullinger@uke.de), Secretary to the QOLIBRI Society, or post to:
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf,
Martinistra├če 52, D – 20246
Hamburg, Germany.

The Quality of Life after Brain Injury (QOLIBRI) Society aims to develop, interpret, and disseminate scientific knowledge concerning all aspects of quality of life after brain injury. Quality of life is viewed broadly, including both wellbeing and personal achievements, and regarded from a neuroscience or neuro-rehabilitation perspective.

The Society has a specific role in promoting and developing scales for assessing health related quality of life after traumatic brain injuries (the QOLIBRI scales), and also aims to become involved in other developments consistent with its aims.

The Society is open to researchers and clinicians across scientific disciplines, as well as people with brain injuries and their families. Anyone with an interest in quality of life after brain injury who is in sympathy with the overall approach is welcome to become a member.

Chair: Prof Lindsay Wilson
Email: l.wilson@stir.ac.uk

Treasurer: Dr Sanna Koskinen
Email: sannakos@gmail.com

Secretary: Prof Monika Bullinger
Email: bullinger@uke.de

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